Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So I haven't posted in ages. *insert apologetic face*
Okay so I have a friend who I was really close to over the past year. In January, I told the school therapist that she cuts and is anorexic and suicidal, which she is. Let's just call her... B. So B started to hate me and ignoring me. Which sucked because this person saved my life. So I was sitting there, all upset and shit, and meeting with the therapist I told about her.

He insists that she'll come around. She kept telling me she wouldn't. Though a while ago, she did thank me for exposing her. Lately, a mutual friend of ours has brought us back to talking. Her excuse is "I really shouldn't be talking to you, but I don't have any friends, so..."

This whole experience hurt badly. Really badly. I think I lost my best friend over it.


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