Monday, April 22, 2013

Hey everyone. I'm Aidan Foxtrot. (That isn't my real name) I'm a teenager recovering from depression. I am a victim of bullying, I used to cut, having eating problems, and attempted suicide once. I just got out of therapy and am currently on antidepressants. I have people close to me fighting many of these same problems. 

I want to blog about this kind of stuff for everyone to read. If there are parents out there with kids suffering from these issues, maybe this will help you understand. Because trust me. Parents never understand. If you want to contact me, you can email me at Lately I've been watching some movies on this stuff, and I must say, I recommend The Suicide Room and Cyberbully. Both are able to be found on YouTube with a simple search of the title followed by 'full movie.' (Ex: The Suicide Room-Full Movie)

I will blog about movies, books, music, and Emocja. Why is this blog titled Emocja? It's Polish for 'emotion'. It's Polish because The Suicide Room is a Polish movie. And I love that movie. <3 Dominik 

I love you all.
Happy reading! 

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