Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So today, we will be discussing stress. Right now, I really should be reading one of the three books I have assigned for my classes, or doing my math homework for the test tomorrow or studying for my AP exam that's on May 14. But no, I am sitting here in Physics (That class is BULLSHIT- I swear the rules keep changing on me. Waves waves waves, different types different rules blah blah) and we just took a test. I got a C.  14/20, 70% which wasn't that bad for me. I didn't know any of it and just bullshitted my way through. But I passed, and that's what is important, right?
        So I'm sitting here and stressing out over the abovementioned items. I don't know if I have a TRF due for AVID next period, but I'm not filing one out just in case. Too much work, too much work. Above all,  I am lazy. I'm a teenager, what the hell do you expect out of me?
        Stress, right, back on point. Teenagers are always under tons of stress okay? And we aren't going to broadcast it okay? Isn't it just so annoying when parents or teachers are like "You guys aren't stressed, wait until you have bills to pay!" or some shit?
         Gah. So I'm ranting, but I'm trying to post daily. So I imagined this blog would be some deep stuff, but I don't have anything deep to say right now besides how irritated and stressed I am. Which isn't deep. I have so much social stuff going wrong too. G:Jand slkn;fokja;s oknfojeown

Anyways. I hope your day is going okay, because teenagers days are never great. But sometimes they are. So I hope your day is okay, because you're an okay person even if you don't feel okay.

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